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House Cleaning and Apartment Cleaning services

We give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we stand behind the quality of our work.

Whenever you need our services you can trust us to do a incredible job, our attention to detail and focus on ensuring the best results make us an easy choice for all your cleaning needs.

Comercial Cleaning

Focused on the maintenance, care and cleaning of your commercial spaces, office or business, achieving the impression you want to project in front of your customers and visitors.


  • Conventional Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Post-Construction Cleaning
  • Airbnb / Vacation home

Deep Cleaning

A deep clean is the best way to ensure that your house starts spotless and stays that way. Over time, parts of your home – particularly kitchens and bathrooms – can accumulate layers of dirt, grease, and grime that a regular cleaning just can’t handle. When you book a deep cleaning service, you can take care of all those overlooked areas, since the following extras are automatically included: inside cabinets, inside fridge, inside oven.

Move In - Move Out

Our cleaning services are customizable depending on the size of your property and the type of clean you need. We also offer free estimates, so you know what to expect and don’t have to worry about hidden costs or fees.

Boat Cleaning

We provide a cleaning service inside the boat, beds, bathroom, cabin after a day of sailing or a special event.


For your vacation rental placed on the online marketplace, we make sure you get a highly responsive and efficient cleaning service. With the stream of visitors walking in and out of your Airbnb property.

 Special Organization

  • Bedroom Closets 
  • Kitchen  Inside cabinets 
  • Bathroom Inside cabinets


  • For a deeper clean, consider adding one or more cleaning extras. Most cleaning extras add one half hour of time and cost to your booking. 

    • Inside Cabinets
    • Inside Fridge
    • Inside Oven
    • Laundry wach & dry
    • Interior Windows
    • Balcony Cleaning Crystal
    • Cat and dog poop cleaning